Perfecting the Classic Old Fashioned

By | September 16, 2019

When it’s time for a drink after a particularly long day at the office or a strenuous sweat session, you deserve to build yourself a cocktail that won’t disappoint. If an Old Fashioned is your go-to, Knob Creek® Straight Rye Whiskey should be on your radar. It’s made by selecting the finest rye grains, which are aged in charred oak barrels—making for a rich flavor and signature spice.

The brand takes a no-shortcuts approach and the tools you use to craft your Old Fashioned should be chosen as carefully as the ingredients—that’s why in paid partnership with Knob Creek®, we learned how to create the perfect version of this classic cocktail.

Knob Creek® Rye Old Fashioned


  • 2 parts Knob Creek® Rye
  • 1/4 part Rich Demerara syrup
  • 3 dashes Hella® Aromatic Bitters
  • lemon peel


    1. Start by adding dashes of bitters to Double Old Fashioned Glass.
    2. Add Rich Demerara syrup syrup (2:1, sugar + water)
    3. Follow with Knob Creek® Rye.
    4. Add a large 2-inch ice cube and stir for 15-20 seconds.
    5. Finish off with lemon peel.


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