Perfect LED Motorcycle Headlights: Choosing Them Right

By | October 20, 2020

Perfect LED Motorcycle Headlights: Choosing Them Right
Perfect LED Motorcycle Headlights: Choosing Them Right

Perfect LED Motorcycle Headlights: Choosing Them Right : Headlights are a vital feature of your motorcycle. They are something you will need to pay close attention to if you are concerned about your and others’ safety.

Installing a LED headlight is not only a simple way to give your steel friend a serious upgrade, but can also mean the difference between clearly seeing objects and guessing obstacles on a pitch dark road. Check out our guide to know how to choose a LED light for your motorcycle.

Why choose LED headlights for your motorcycle?

When it comes to deciding between the different types of motorbike lights, your pickings are far from slim. There are tons of decent options from the experts of, each with its unique advantages. Even though halogen headlights remain the most widely used ones, LED bulbs are quickly gaining momentum. The following are just a few reasons why so many experienced motorcyclists are opting for LEDs today:

  • More energy-efficient. Compared to a standard halogen bulb, a LED lamp uses less power and provides a bright enough light that, however, does not blind other traffic participants. These lights also produce less heat from the same amount of energy utilized.
  • Extended durability. Increased energy efficiency results in a longer lifetime for LED headlights. Where a halogen bulb will burn out after just 1,000 hours of exploitation, a LED will continue working for up to 15,000 hours.
  • More customization options. LED lights are an easy way to give your two-wheeler a quick makeover. This technology offers more room for personalizing your ride if a groovy look is what you are after.
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Quick tips on choosing LED headlights:

Not all LEDs are made the same and can vary in intensity, warmness, and amount of customization allowed. Here are a few tips to consider when buying motorcycle LED lights:

  1. Do not go cheapie on your LEDs. Low-cost, unoriginal brands often tend to be of subpar quality and lack many essential safety features found in licensed products.
  2. Choose LED headlights with a reliable cooling element to promote their lifetime and prevent a sudden lamp outrage.
  3. Opt for headlights with several rows of lower-power LEDs. If some of the LEDs go out, you will still have a few extras to fall back on to give you enough directional lighting on a dark road.
  4. Verify the compatibility of your motorcycle model and the LED light you choose. Most modern motorcycles are H4-connector type, but there are still a few models with an H13 connection. Be sure you know which yours is.
  5. Consider purchasing additions like turn signals and fog lights to increase the quality and comfort of your ride.

Make each riding experience uniquely yours

Apart from improved performance and durability, most modern LEDs are easy to install on your own, so you will not require a mechanic for the job and can save big on the labor costs. With prices for LEDs having decreased significantly over the past few years, there is hardly a reason not to try these. Let us know what you think about it! Share your ideas in the comment section below.

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Perfect LED Motorcycle Headlights: Choosing Them Right

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