People Like To Eat Sweet Foods under the Pressure

By | January 27, 2019

There are many possible to cause the obesity under pressure. At first under the pressure, people prone to produce emotional burnout. People could not get the enthusiasm of things, especially for sports, but the decreasing the amount of exercise will result in weight rising. At the second, emotional burden will lead to the human body function to have the problems, slow down metabolism and fat accumulation basal metabolic is abnormal, which is a more important cause for obesity incentives. People tend to overeating to reduce stress under pressure. The saying goes that stomach is a friend of the heart. When the heart produces holes or tears, the stomach will want to eat large quantities of food to make their own expansion to fill the lack of heart. Overeating is most likely to lead to the occurrence of obesity, or in today’s society it also leads to obesity under pressure, and the most important is one of the reasons.

Why the degree of desire for food will increase under pressure? Most of the reason is because of people will is rely on eating to ease the tension of the spirit under pressure. In other words, a variety of causes lead people to have high degree of goodwill for food. Under pressure, sleep quality will be reduced greatly, over time; the basic metabolism of the body will change. Fat and sugar metabolism slows down and people tend to unconsciously fat. The pressures of life and work make people eat from instinct to psychological dependence, combined with irregular work and rest and do not eat on time, especially in overtime at night rational sense of the urgent need of food will destroy eat calories quickly, converted to fat accumulate in the body.

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Sugar and other sweet foods can relax the spirit and play the role of decompression, so many people like eat a variety of sweets in a depressed mood. Sweets’ heat can easily result in the accumulation of fat. For mental workers, especially OL, the daily sedentary habit makes poor physical fitness, so fat consumption will be reduced. At the same time, the pressure of work will not only affect a person’s health, but also cause abdominal obesity to increase the body problems.  

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