How diet pills work in the body

Our fascination with food may be eclipsed by our obsession with losing weight. Thanks to the popularity of weight-loss products and programs, American wallets are also getting billions of dollars slimmer each year. We live a world where many people resort to extreme measures to lose weight. In this climate, products that promise extreme or… Read More »

How to know if you need antidepressants

Share Side effects of antidepressants Side effects differ between antidepressants. Feeling drowsy in the daytime. Reduce your dose gradually. Authors’ conclusions: The limited available evidence suggests folate may have a potential role as a supplement to other treatment for depression. I guess I’m just not comfortable with taking medicine for my depression. I felt so… Read More »

Candida diet how long

The oil from pumpkin seeds also makes an excellent addition to any long salad dressing. Though it can candida alarming, Diet reaction is self-limited and harmless, usually diet its course and resolving without complications. When inflammation rages out of control, your body can be harmed from head to long. It should have probiotics and prebiotics… Read More »

Coronavirus: Government criticised over use of testing data

The UK’s statistics watchdog has criticised the government over its handling of coronavirus testing data. The chairman of the UK Statistics Authority says presentation of figures appeared to be aimed at showing “the largest possible number of tests, even at the expense of understanding”. Sir David Norgrove has written to Health Secretary Matt Hancock saying… Read More »