Can a weak heart be strengthened

UCSF Health medical specialists have weak this information. Park your car further away to help strengthened take more steps or take the stairs instead of the elevator. Lastly, exercise not hezrt strengthens your heart by reducing blood pressure, but it also releases mood-boosting endorphins. In most cases, the heart muscle weakens and is unable to… Read More »

How long can diabetics live without insulin

When the medicine is taken just before eating, it slows down the rise in blood sugar after the meal. If civilization failed, if the medical scaffolding around diabetic life fell away, I suspect diabetics would be screwed. What are the consequences if a patient stops taking insulin in Type 1 Diabetes and is Type 1… Read More »

Stalled vaccine programmes ‘putting children’s lives at risk’

Millions of children could die from preventable disease because of severe disruptions to vaccination programmes caused by coronavirus, experts warn. At least 68 countries have been affected – with some stopping vaccination campaigns completely. The World Health Organization advised many countries to suspend vaccinations to help slow the spread of coronavirus. But now it is… Read More »

How to use drumstick leaves for diabetes

Several studies for postulated the anti-diabetic role of Moringa Oleifera leaf and seed extract. One of the biggest things a diabetic can do to improve their condition is change their diabetes habits. In many African nations, moringa trees are a solution to hunger. The results indicated drumstick drumstick leaves might be suitable diabehes reduce diabetic… Read More »