Necessary Questions to Ask During your First Childcare Center Visit

By | October 13, 2018

The First Visit Is the Most Important

This is absolutely true! Your first visit should give you a great impression about the capabilities of the learning center. Thus, ensuring safety and protection, learning development, and build social awareness to your children. Furthermore, it can help us, parents, in the long run, since they can then establish a strong confidence level towards your child. We can help them guide towards their dreams and build a better and brighter future.

In order to guide you further, I have compiled fundamental questions while looking for the right childcare center for your little ones.

General questions and details during your first visit

These are the basics questions that you can ask during your first visit

To start with, parents must look into the environment of the Childcare Center if it is child-friendly.

Is the center mild and comfortable to be in with proper ventilation? Is the area also well-maintained and have an overall modern appearance? Are the canters room properly arranged, vibrant and viable to staff? Are they secure that it would be impossible for a child to get out of the center without the notice of staff?

You can check on the amount of books and soft toys that are available in the home corner if ever they can be used at any given times. Also, check the quantity and quality of the larger play equipment such as bikes, and if there is an area wherein the children can ride them safely, preferably on soft fall matting.

Check out the Atmosphere of the Childcare Center

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The overall surroundings of the school are very important since it makes your child comfortable.

A good sign of a well-run center is when you hear the sweet laughter of the children playing as well as being happy and comfortable with other individuals. If you feel that your child will be happy and contented at the center then they will become more involved in all activities and will learn quicker. In the first few days your child is at a new center you will get the feeling from them that they are enjoying themselves.

Warm Greetings from the Childcare Center

Being welcomed at school will give your an impression of security and protection.

Is your child properly welcomed in the center, has the other children talked to them or shown them around the room that they will be in? The staff in the meantime should have made you feel very welcome. Ask your child if they are old enough, or did they enjoy it. You get a very good indication of this from watching your child’s interaction while at the center.

Additional Questions to Ask

If you think that those aspects above are missing something, then you can also look into these additional guide questions.

  • Can the parents easily view the daily program timetable?
  • With regards to food service, can the parent expect high standard level of cleanliness and preparation?
  • In addition, the childcare center must provide a high level of security, including outside access points, fencing, gates and overall protection from and to the outside street?
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So for our conclusion, the first visit to a childcare center is an extremely important day in the life of your child. The childcare center you choose will help shape your child’s future both in early childhood learning foundations as well as their social skills to mix with other children. Both these factors are important in early childhood years.

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