More anti-lockdown protests planned

By | November 2, 2020

Persistent anti-lockdown protesters are planning another rally, threatening to descend on Parliament House while the city celebrates Melbourne Cup Day.

An encrypted thread being used to communicate to the hundreds who are showing interest said the protest action was planned for Tuesday at 12pm.

A single message read: “Cup Day. Midday. Parliament. This isn’t enough, Dan.”

Victoria Police said it was aware of the planned rally and would be running a significant public order operation in response.

“Everyone has a right to protest peacefully, as long as it is in accordance with the chief health officer directions and does not impact the rest of the community, who also have the right to go about their daily business,” a spokesperson said.

“Anyone coming into the city in blatant breach of the directions, or looking to disrupt others, create conflict and incite violence can expect a very firm response from police.

“The chief health officer directions are very clear for the need to avoid groups of more than 10 gathering in public places across metropolitan Melbourne to prevent the spread of coronavirus.”

Victoria Police also warned their public order response, mounted branch, highway patrol, transit police and protective services officers teams would be deployed across the city.

Thousands of Melburnians are expected to be out with bars, restaurants and pubs reopening.

The Melbourne Cup will run from 2pm.

A police officer needed to be taken to hospital during the last anti-lockdown protest after clashes between cops and protesters turned ugly on October 24.

Sixteen people were arrested and 96 were fined.

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