Life Is the Radius of the Circle

By | March 11, 2019

Everyone is a center of the circle. Life is determined by your own in a period of the radius of a circle. Life is a circle. As a fixed point, it keeps moving around the trajectory of some fixed point, so life has all sorts of joys and sorrows.

Every year, we use the updated radius to draw a circle. Then life will be in this group of concentric circles of different sizes. Each circle has many intersection points. However, the countless point crossed by someone else’s circle, you have all ever known, or has ever times missed in the heart?

But in the track of those rounds, there are a number of shiny intersections, it is the fate. Fate is hard to earn – two fixed points intersect at the same time, not at our own wish can decide? However, the glory of life will be bred in the intersection and the collision causing sparks. Sometimes, that spark will be enough to absorb nearly two center of circle. Who do not desire to draw a same circle as other people? 

To a certain speed in circle movement, we sometimes may know we will at a point in front of the intersection with the people. Although we do not know who the other fixed point is, while it is a lucky waiting for in life.

Sometimes this expectation will be many a flash point of intersection. However, one or several will be very special, it is every deep eager in the hearts; it is so bright and so dazzling. It sends light that will illuminate your each concentric circle from front to back. Only a few of one or two rare bright spot often affect your life. If you find them and cherish them, you will be lucky. If not, you are unlucky. Then you will complain about the society and God, maybe, you will envy others’ happy life. In fact, as long as we grasp our own chance, we can also earn what we want to.

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Fate in life is so difficult and so precious. Each of us is waiting for, are looking forward to the power of the spark, however, how many people can really grasp and cherish it? Life is precious, please cherish your fate! Cherish every bright spot on our circles!

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