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By | April 27, 2020

Larry Lim, a “true blue” Singaporean – born and bred in Singapore, is the Founder of MarketingSphere™. MarketingSphere™ is a profitable and privately held global Internet Marketing firm, legally registered and based in the Republic of Singapore.

MarketingSphere™ has been online for more than 14 years since Feb. 1st 2000. It competes in the global Internet marketplace, with North America – the United States of America (USA) & Cananda – the United Kingdom (UK), and Australia as its primary target markets.

This website – – is the Official Website of Larry Lim, Singapore.

Larry Lim, an Internet Entrepreneur and Marketing Expert, owns and operates his highly successful and lucrative Internet Business Empire globally under the legal business entity MarketingSphere™.

He is based in the Republic of Singapore. As one of the earliest adopters or pioneer of eCommerce and Internet Marketing in Singapore since 1997 (the Dot-Com Era), his Online Enterprise comprises of many high quality and professional web properties spanning the majority, if not all, conceivable internet business models including E-commerce Stores, Social Media Sites, Data Feed Sites, Direct Sales Sites, Content Sites, Web Directories, Niche Sites, and other web properties.

Larry Lim brings with him more than 15 years of experience in Senior Management, Business Consulting, and Training & Research. His work experience spans a number of disciplines which include Sales & Marketing Management, Human Resource Management, and Operations Management.

He was the Regional Marketing Director of an international Information Technology Company that has business partnerships with Microsoft, Hewlette Packard Company, and Oracle. Prior to that, he was the Senior Consultant of a management consulting firm.

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Larry specializes in Sales & Marketing (both online & offline), as well as Business Consulting.

A Marketing Strategist, he posseses extensive knowledge and experience in Internet Marketing, and Offline Marketing (specifically in the marketing of Enterprise Resource Planning Systems – including MRP I and MRP II); Institute Management Systems for the Education & Training verticals, as well as Business Consulting, with particular focus in the areas of Business Planning, Sales & Marketing, and Organization performance & profitability.

In the Internet arena, Larry has been involved in Internet Marketing since the advent of eCommerce and is one of the pioneers of ecommerce in Singapore. He has successfully helped many businesses, from small and medium-sized enterprises to multinational corporations, in extending their business reach and grow their businesses beyond the traditional “brick and mortar” operations. His key focus is in formulating, testing and implementing actionable and effective Internet Marketing Plans, Strategies and Tactics.

In the area of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Larry posseses extensive marketing experience, knowledge and training, having successfully marketed to, consulted with, and implemented numerous systems in Organizations representing a wide spectrum of businesses that include public-listed companies, and multinational corporations such as Johnson & Johnson, a Fortune 500 Company.

Larry is also well versed with Institute Management Systems for the Education and Training related verticals, having successfully marketed such systems to multinational corporations spanning more than 20 countries worldwide.

In the area of Business Consulting, the major thrust of his work is on improving Individual and Organization efficiency, effectiveness, productivity and profitability, with the objective of taking the Organization to the next level. His main focus is on Marketing and Sales, both online and offline, and Individual and Organization performance.

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In this regard, he consults mostly with the small and medium-sized enterprises. Larry adopts a holistic and systematic consulting process. Project works undertaken include online and offline marketing plans, strategy development and implementation; Organization assessment; employee and customer survey; customized design, training and facilitation of Organizations. The Organizations he works with span a broad spectrum of businesses and industries which include Construction, Engineering, Food, the Service Industries, and more.

Larry Lim is featured in the book “Sleep & Get Rich!” as an Internet Marketing Expert and one of the successful passive income earners. Sleep & Get Rich! offers valuable money-making lessons from inspiring people who have mastered a balanced work/family lifestyle by working passively. This strategy-packed book will reveal powerful yet simple methods for striking it rich.

“Sleep & Get Rich!” is available in major bookstores such as Kinokuniya, Times, MPH, Popular and

Larry’s forte lies in his ability to think “out of the box”, which enables him to derive and implement effective solutions to complex problems thereby achieving high yield and high performance results. Being a Marketing Strategist, he has been personally instrumental in raising Organizations’ performance even whilst working under adverse business environments.

His Business acumen in general, and his Sales and Marketing acumen in particular, has earned him much respect from those he has the privilege to working with through the years.

His works and articles are widely read by senior executives of multinational corporations – such as DHL that used his article as foundation for its Business Watch Publication, as well as small business owners worldwide. Here is a glimpse of some his articles that are widely published online by CNET Networks (Nasdaq: CNET) alongside high profile organizations such as CNN Money, Forrester Research, Gartner, BBC News, Forbes, Reuters, Yahoo News and other high profile organizations – Screen Shot.

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Larry holds postgraduate and professional qualifications in Marketing. He was also trained in the United Kingdom where he received extensive and rigorous training in Leadership and Teambuilding. He has been the recipient of numerous Achievement Awards in recognition of his excellence in Sales and Marketing.

He is passionate about Reading, Dancing, Music, Martial Arts, Tennis and Water Sports.

With his business expertise, experience, internet skill sets, and his extensive & strong connections (in Singapore and Overseas), Larry Lim is well poised to adding-value, raising Organizations’ performance and taking them to the next level – just as he has done with his own highly successful Internet Business Empire.

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