Joe Dempsie Sports the Coolest Denim Essentials to Wear This Season

By | April 15, 2019

Jeans are as natural to dressing as pushups are to exercising. But there’s a great wide world of fit and wash beyond your standard blue jeans. Let Joe Dempsie (Gendry, the “porno blacksmith” on a little program called Game of Thrones) show you what denim has to offer now.

The Denim Shirt


Denim shirt, $ 18.00, Wrangler; Belt, $ 50.00, Banana Republic.


Start by adding a western-style shirt to your wardrobe. This versatile denim dud adds a touch of rugged All-American style to your everyday look when tucked into your tailored jeans or worn as a top layer over your go-to T-shirt. And no one does classic western denim quite like Wrangler, a company that began producing authentic western jeans in 1947.

The Slim Straight Jean


Tank, $ 40.00, Jeans, $ 80.00, Calvin Klein Jeans.


A slim straight-leg jean has a versatility that’s a world away from that of Joe Dempsie’s costumes on Game of Thrones. Gendry might wear a strict wardrobe of “lots of leather” and “lots of baby oil”, but here Dempsie shows the appeal of a good pair of Calvins. When jeans are made with luxurious (but affordable!) premium Italian denim, you can forgo adding stretch.

For men with a smaller frame, note how the slim leg hugs—doesn’t suffocate—the thigh and creates a full, straight line. It produces a proportional look, so you’re not swimming in your jeans.

The Faded Jean


Sweatshirt, $ 40.00, Jeans, $ 70.00, Gap.


Bold and bright isn’t required wear in warmer weather. Simpler styles, in faded neutrals, give off the same easy cool.

Opt for two-ounce lightweight denim that gives you ease and comfort from spring right on into summer. Slightly faded, subtle whiskering, no visible fraying—that’s what casual but still polished looks like.

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