Importance Of Volunteers During White House Christmas

By | August 29, 2018

Dating backwards to late 1800’s, truly joyous sounds become audible during Christmas around the Pennsylvania Avenue complex.  Benjamin Harrison, credited with decorating our history’s first oval office tree, began the rich history which ensued, creating the most awesome platform for white house Christmas decoration festivities. Everyone working and living within White House walls makes an equally amicable effort during yuletide seasons, preparing foods along with arranging flowers around the halls, walls and floors.  Nothing would be provident without volunteers, however, since they work for peanuts.

Ever since 1973, our White House has sent community calls to action seeking volunteer assistance to handle minor tasks or major planning projects.  If you find yourself qualified to assist, writing the First Lady or even Chief of Staff would render your answer.  Here we see just several reasons volunteer action is necessary to make the entire holiday season successful, beginning usually around January every year.

Volunteers Save Money
An obvious reason any business, including the government, would prefer using volunteers for intricacies like decorating our nation’s most popular building is obviously to avoid hiring people to perform the work themselves.  With trees to decorate outside, inside along with ornament hanging, extra hands will definitely be needed.  Instead of using our tax dollars, however, it’s much simpler to allow people the lifelong opportunity to peek inside presidential headquarters while working towards making the large rooms Christmas-ready.

Decorations Take Planning
You’d honestly be amazed how long planning perfect decorations for the entire interior of our capital takes.  Usually planned roughly one year in advance, white house Christmas decoration purchases, volunteer coordination along with screening volunteers takes quite some time.  Planning, too, also utilizes volunteer assistance to streamline processes of ordering flowers, finding garland, ornaments, planning themes along with other necessities which make holidays perfect.

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Paid Help Is Busy
Those who draw paychecks from employment have assigned duties which often take them away from fun activities like decorating trees or singing carols.  With paid help tied up, hiring the outsourced freebie help of volunteers like you makes the fun activities get done quickly with similar structure. Nobody appreciates this help more than our First Family; although specific ‘perks’ aren’t known which volunteers stand to receive, just stepping foot into the White House easily amasses many people’s lifelong ambitions.

Is Volunteership Calling You?
Possessing useful skills relevant to decorating our national capital could qualify you for Volunteership, provided you pass rigorous background screening and can prove useful to normal operations.  Since stepping foot inside the many rooms of our Pennsylvania Avenue stronghold are distinctions many people never receive, doing so around Christmas time would make the occasion even more special for those who are endowed with such blessings.  If your calling has arrived to give back to our country, search the internet for backdoors to reach proper staff members who handles hiring volunteers.

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