Ikarian diet blue zone food pyramid

By | November 1, 2020

ikarian diet blue zone food pyramid

Share: 0 The Blue Zones contain unusually high concentrations of centenarians who have lived to be well over years old and who have aged gracefully, without diseases like heart problems, obesity, cancer, or diabetes. It starts with food choices. If not growing these food items in their own gardens, they have found places where they can purchase them, and more affordably than processed alternatives. They have incorporated certain nutritious foods into their daily or weekly meals—foods that often are not even found on the shelves of convenience stores or on the menus of fast-food restaurants across the country. The particular foods important to Blue Zones centenarians vary from one culture to the next.

From the rugged mountains of Sardinia, Italy, to the sunny shores of Okinawa, Japan, traditional cultures around the world have a lot to teach us about good health and well-being. In turn, these regions hold the highest concentration of centenarians, or individuals living beyond the age of Additionally, many remain physically active and disease-free into their 90s and beyond. Key eating habits include a high consumption of local vegetables, soybeans, seaweed, sweet potatoes, and turmeric, and a low intake of salt. Strong family and social networks promote well-being within the community. The isolated Ogliastra Region of Sardinia, Italy is home to almost 10 times more centenarians per capita than the United States.

Avoid rye breads that list wheat flour as their first ingredient and look for the bread that lists rye flour as the first ingredient. This is for a variety of reasons, but Dr. In addition to their local gardens, many Ikarians also raise livestock on a small scale. People in most Blue Zones drink one to three glasses of red wine per day, often with a meal and with friends. Furthermore, olive oil exhibits protective properties against breast cancer. Loading More Posts Water: Adventists explicitly recommend seven glasses of water daily.

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