Humanities Definition is the Reflection of Our Life

By | January 26, 2019

Man for Man’s sake is not only a proverb but also a reality in our day to-day life. In childhood we read the story of Lulu and Bhulu (nick name of a story). Both of them were bosom friends, one of them was lame and the other was blind. Generally it is not possible for both of them to survive happily by facing innumerable hindrance and unwanted happenings of the society in their everyday life. But when they agreed to work any job together, cent percent problem was solved instantly. They solved their problem this way; the blind friend carries the lame friend on his shoulder and now he is totally secured to fall any where in the pond, high-drain or manhole, no use of his blind stick to go any where any time which was not possible before when he was alone same thing happened in the case of his lame friend, not a single step was possible to move for him but now he can move anywhere where he likes. This is only possible for their fellow feelings and soft corner of their mind which reflects Humanities Definition.

Humanities is originated from the Latin word of humanus which defines ’human, cultured and refined’, the most contributing factor like rationality, benevolence and tenderness to the development of human beings’ basic qualities.

The humanities are the combination of the stories, the imaginations and the feelings that help us to recognize our life style and the world. We are going to be acquainted with the people like stranger, the places never noticed earlier and imaginations not yet been implemented for the betterment of our social life or the society through humanities.

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The study of Humanities is very essential for every people of any community of the Nation because it educates us how to meet the challenges and over come the situation always happening in our families, communities and in the society. Study of Humanities is a vast area including arts, science and creative expressions of cultural activity. For example History, Anthropology and Archeology especially deals with the social, political and cultural activities and Literature, Linguistics and Languages develop our style of expression between different people of different communities, but Philosophy ,Ethics, Comparative Religion communicate ideas about the meaning of life and it’s ultimate goal. And lastly Historical, Critical and Theoretical Approaches to the Arts reflect upon and pick up the pace to the creative process.

Art is the necessity in our day to day life. God created the Universe by means of living creatures, the best art has been ever produced, but man creates the art with the help of different mediums like color, sound, bronze, marble, words and film to express his feelings and the burning situation of the society which also relates with the sociology article like stratification, social mobility, social class, religion, secularization, law and deviance. Man made Art also spread its attraction in the field like health, military, the internet and penal institutions.

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