How to Keep Long-Term Love

By | January 22, 2019

In the long term love, we will encounter the various problems. Quarrel is the inevitable. As before, I always feel that if I want to quarrel, I should have to win and I could not wronged. Truth is on my side.

Attitude adjustment

You should establish “I want to make good with this person over a lifetime” mentality firmly. When you establish this mindset, you will find the so-called external temptations.

Deal with quarrels

When my husband said something to provoke my mind, I have to force myself to calm down at first. Do not get angry and think about whether you really did wrong. Women are more emotional and easily some of the emotions and feelings amplification. If he was unsatisfied with the things what I did, I’ll make you satisfied without any words. After a year, I now feel my husband did not say any words offend me up for a long time.

Deal with every household duty

Although I do not have time normally, but over the weekend, I began to try my best to sleep less and learn to cook seriously. Cooking is really a very interesting thing such as washing dishes, laundry, ironing, folding clothes, sweeping, mopping, wiping tables, sorting bookcase and wardrobe. If I took all the things apart, like a proctor to list the frequency and tables, when I crossed out the things what I have done, which makes me quite rewarding, but can also take credit for my husband! Look, I have done a lot of contributions, I want to the reward!


At usually, maybe you always did not make any makeup, but certainly you should take good care of their skin. Hey, I have only a long white this advantage, so I should take care of this advantage well. Do not think that you should not pay attention to appearance when you get married, and also need to keep fit and try not to take shape. Ah, when woman become old, they should also need to seize the tail of youth. You can often ask some Chinese medicine regimen to your mother, or do massage with your husband to promote feelings.

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