Health in 2 Point 00, Episode 147 | The Most Confusing Episode So Far

By | August 29, 2020

Health in 2 Point 00

With 3 consecutive days of $ 100M in funding, here is the most confusing (or rather the most confused we have been) Episode 147 of Health in 2 Point 00. Jess asks me about Verily partnering with Swiss Re to get into the stop-loss insurance game, Prescryptive Health raising a $ 26M Series A for their maybe GoodRx-like or PBM platform, Sonde Health acquiring NeuroLex for its vocal biomarkers platform, Aetion reopening their Series B and raising another $ 19M to the $ 36M they have already raised, and Otsuka after investing millions of dollars in Proteus, deciding to buy the rest of it with $ 15M, but we don’t know why any of these deals happenedMatthew Holt

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