Health and beauty benefits of sleeping on a pure silk pillowcase

By | June 3, 2020
  • Author Michelle Mires
  • Published June 3, 2020
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My name is Michelle. A year ago on my birthday my good friend gave me a beautiful silk Pillowcase as a gift. I am 43 years of age and now knowing what I do about silk, I wish I had started sleeping on one years ago.

At first I was just so happy with the way the silk pillowcase felt on my skin. I then noticed that when I woke up in the morning I looked refreshed and had none of the sleep creases that my cotton pillowcase used to cause which took hours to go away. I also noticed my hair was silky and had no tangles whatsoever. I also noticed that my nose was not stuffy. Maybe I was allergic to dust mites. I know dust mites can not live in silk.

I was so impressed with my silk pillowcase that I purchased 2 more.

I am listing below some health and beauty benefits of sleeping with silk. You probably already knew these though! I started to buy these as gifts for my loved ones too. I fell in love with these so much that I decided to build my own website called Silk House.

The health benefits

Silk is a hypoallergenic product and great for fighting acne as bacteria cannot grow on silk. Sufferers of asthma and other allergies may also experience reduced symptoms due to silk’s hypoallergenic qualities.

The beauty benefits.

The key benefits are preventing split ends in hair as silk doesn’t pull at the roots of the hair whilst sleeping, they are also amazing for prolonging the life of your blow-dry. Silk is hydrating as it doesn’t draw moisture away from the skin like cotton does and sleeping on silk prevents sleep creases – those nasty lines you wake up with after a night on your cotton pillow. I love Silk Pillowcases.

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I hope this will be informative and encourage more people to make the best ever health and beauty investment with a silk pillowcase. Pure Mulberry silk is the best and make sure its 25 Momme. Momme is about the thickness and quality of the silk. Silk needs to be cared for but its worth it.

Something I do not understand is why us women spend time on a beauty system by cleansing, toning, moisturising and the rest. Why do we ruin it all by sleeping on a cotton pillowcase. Silk keeps your skin hydrated. Silk is temperature regulating so it cools you if your hot and heats you if your cold.

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