GE Healthcare’s Artificial Intelligence FDA Cleared to Help Spot Collapsed Lung

By | September 13, 2019

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Admitted patients often have to wait a number of hours for a radiologist to review their chest X-ray, even though it may be marked as urgent or STAT. That’s because way too many are marked as such in most clinics. Pneumothorax, or collapsed lung, can go unnoticed in the meantime, leading to a dangerous amount of time to wait while inside the hospital.

GE Healthcare’s Critical Care Suite automatically processes chest scans right on the X-ray machine and flags those where it detects potential signs of pneumothorax. The attending radiologist immediately gets a copy of the scan via the hospital’s PACS system and the technologist performing the scan is alerted as well, to help make sure that the patient is triaged properly.

“X-ray – the world’s oldest form of medical imaging – just got a whole lot smarter, and soon, the rest of our offerings will too,” says Kieran Murphy, President & CEO, GE Healthcare. “GE Healthcare is leading the way in the creation of AI applications for diagnostic imaging and taking what was once a promise and turning it into a reality. By integrating AI into every aspect of care, we will ultimately improve patient outcomes, reduce waste and inefficiencies, and eliminate costly errors. Critical Care Suite is just the beginning.”

Product page: Critical Care Suite

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