EBooks cover designing tips

By | September 5, 2018

The covers of eBooks are very important for making your eBooks popular more quickly. Now you can see that people are using different software and designing techniques for making their e-book’s cover more stunning than any other eBooks on the topic. And the strategy really works in selling those eBooks more than other too. Here are some simple tips for designing an e-book’s cover that will attract everyone more:

Color scheming

Color scheming of your e-book’s cover creates a deeper impact on the viewer at first glance. Colors tell a lot about the mood and style of e-book’s content. So chose the color scheming of your e-book’s cover thoughtfully. You can try changing its color tones several times until you find the one you think is best for your e-book’s cover. Color scheming of your e-book’s cover also has to be according to the subject, topic, theme or mood of the book. If the book is on a very serious topic, you can’t’ make the cover’s colors overly sharp and bright. Similarly if the eBooks is for kids, you can’t make the colors of its cover dull and boring.

Title of your eBooks

While designing your e-book’s cover never forget the importance of your e-book’s title. So, don’t overdesign your e-book’s cover with colors, graphics and images so much that the title gets lost in the design. Always give top preference to making your e-book’s title font blood and prominent. Then placing of you rebook’s title on the cover is also critical. Place it where it’s easily readable and prominent.

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Author’s name

You should also keep author’s name prominent in the title. So the more your readers will remember your name, the more they will keep reading your eBooks. Even search engines give importance to author’s name on the book titles. Free eBooks search sites also have the feature of searching books by authors. So the author’s name is very important on the title. You don’t have to use a different font style for typing author’s name always. Most of the time it looks good if the author’s name is in the same font as the e-book’s title but the size is kept smaller than that. A lot of font styles can make your title’s impression bad.

Use of images in eBooks Covers

Images are also important for designing an e-book’s cover. Theses also have to be relevant with the topic and theme of your eBook. Using more than one image in Adobe Photoshop or MS Word can also create a beautiful impact. If you are Using MS Paint, you can do it more artistically. By using different features of this helpful designing software you can surely design an eBook cover with selective images and graphics.

EBooks cover designing can be done by a graphical designer or ever the writers can do it themselves easily. MS Word, MS Paint and Adobe Photoshop are best software for designing an e-book’s cover nicely and easily. Then after completing the designing process in your favorite software you can transfer the file in PDF or any other format of your choice for publishing your eBooks on line.

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