Duchess Meghan’s Sister Samantha Markle Has Been Suspended from Twitter, Y’all

By | August 8, 2019
  • Meghan Markle’s sister Samantha Markle appears to have been suspended from Twitter.
  • Samantha has been notoriously critical of Meghan on the account, though it’s unclear why Twitter suspended her.

    Have you noticed that Meghan Markle’s always-disgruntled half-sister Samantha Markle has been super…quiet lately? After spending upwards of a year tweeting up a storm, she’s gone radio silent—and that appears to be because Twitter has suspended her account @sammy_markle.



    If you’e looking for proof that this is Samantha’s account, here’s a screen grab of one of her tweets as a receipt:



    It’s unclear why the account was suspended, but Samantha’s comments about Meghan have certainly been…a lot! Though, she’d likely argue that she’s well within her rights to speak out.

    It’s also unknown if the Palace had anything to do with suspending the account, but it seems doubtful they’d have that kind of power! Either way, Samantha appears to have made a new account for herself @SammyMarkle1 (it’s private), and a backup account @MarkleSammyM (also private).

    Meghan isn’t on speaking terms with her sister, but Samantha made it clear she’s hoping for a family reunion now that Archie is in the picture.

    “We’re all welcoming the baby—Markles, Raglands, Sussexes, Windsors,” she said in a statement after Archie’s birth. “In terms of the gene pool, we’ve all made a contribution to this wonderful little boy…I want him to know he’s got a big family and he’s part of an amazing historical time and we’re excited for him. We’re excited for Meg and Harry—I am really excited for her. I love her, she’s my baby sister and it doesn’t matter what we’ve all said back and forth but she’s got to do the right thing.”

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