Diet coke sales over the years

By | July 17, 2020

diet coke sales over the years

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The data shows Coca-Cola value sales were higher than Diet Coke every week for the past year until the brand overhaul and subsequent introduction of the sugar tax. Since then they have diverged with Diet Coke sales increasing at a faster rate than classic Coke. Coca-Cola has also seen its total sales return to growth. The figures show value sales were on a gradual decline over ignoring a big leap at Christmas. However since the end of January they have returned to growth. The rebrand and shift in focus at Coca-Cola is also having an impact on consumer perceptions of the products.

Diet Coke with a Lemon. From our point of view. The IRI figures show that while classic Coke sales by volume have declined since the cke at Coca-Cola shifted to promoting Diet Coke, this has been offset by the price increase, meaning that its value sales are up. The most important statistics.

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