Can you die from inflammatory arthritis

By | June 19, 2020

can you die from inflammatory arthritis

When to see a doctor. This can affect the joints of the cervical spine in the neck, and it may cause nodules to form under the skin. RA causes inflammation throughout the body that, over time, can damage organ tissues. There is good evidence to implicate Helicobacter pylori infection in upper gastrointestinal ulceration, and recent work has shown that the presence of this bacterial agent together with NSAID exposure in RA patients greatly increases their risk of having an endoscopically visualized peptic ulcer [ 12 ]. Septicaemia had an SMR of nearly , and chest infections were the most common respiratory cause of death.

Rheumatoid arthritis RA is an autoimmune disease that causes pain and swelling in different joints in the body, and can also affect the internal organs. Even when the condition improves, symptoms can return, putting you at risk for complications. According to the Arthritis Foundation, more than 50 percent of early deaths in people with RA occur due to cardiovascular disease. As an autoimmune disease, rheumatoid arthritis weakens the immune system, making you susceptible to infections — some serious. Chronic inflammation can damage healthy tissues, cells, and organs, which can be life-threatening if left unchecked. The longer you have the disease, the greater the likelihood of developing complications that could shorten your lifespan. According to the Johns Hopkins Arthritis Center, people living with untreated RA are twice as likely to die than people who are the same age without RA. Other factors that can affect life expectancy include your overall health, such as if you have other chronic conditions, your genetics, and your current lifestyle. According to the Rheumatoid Arthritis Support Network, more women are diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis than men.

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