Cahill to score goals for greyhounds

By | July 9, 2019

The iconic Socceroo, Australia’s all-time leading goal scorer, will front an extensive advertising campaign to bring awareness to the GAPNSW program, and encourage more people to become involved in greyhound adoption.

So passionate about the role is the man who scored Australia’s first ever goal in the World Cup Finals back in 2006, Cahill has adopted a greyhound himself, which will now spend its days on his family farm at Byron Bay.

“I’m thrilled to be taking on this role with Greyhounds as Pets NSW, and for me the bonus is being able to provide a new home for my adopted greyhound, Luna Moana – Lumo,” Mr Cahill said.

“She’s a beautiful blue-coloured girl, and her name was picked by my children. In Samoan it means blue, which in turn links nicely back to my days spent playing at Millwall and Everton.

“Animal welfare is something which has always been close to my heart, and the amazing work that GAPNSW do with retired greyhounds in transitioning them into the next phase of their lives, is something I’m proud to be a part of.”

Greyhound Racing NSW Chief Executive Officer Tony Mestrov was delighted that Cahill has joined the GAP team, saying his appointment as ambassador again emphasises the importance and value GRNSW places on the rehoming of greyhounds.

“When selecting an ambassador for any program, the first thing you look for in your candidates are those passionate about what you are doing,” Mr Mestrov said.

“Everyone recognises the passion in which Tim played in each of the 108 occasions he pulled on the green and gold, and in speaking with him about this role I could see a passion for animals, akin to the passion he had when he played for the Socceroos.

“We are trying to raise the profile of our Greyhounds as Pets program and animal welfare in our industry, and I firmly believe Tim Cahill is the perfect ambassador for us to achieve this.

“Tim is an iconic Australian, and regardless of what sport, or football code you follow, all Australians hold Tim in the highest of regard.

“And what was most pleasing for us, was that Tim didn’t just want to be the face of the Greyhounds as Pets’ program, he wanted to adopt a greyhound, and has done so.

“We all know how important family is to Tim Cahill, we know what great family pets greyhounds make, and we know that Tim’s family are going to love his new adopted greyhound Lumo.

“The message we want to spread is simple and clear: ‘Adopt A Grey Today’.

“Our goal – and we will achieve it – is to rehome every greyhound that goes through our racing system.”

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