Bride and groom request life-sized deer wedding cake

By | October 11, 2019


Oh wait, it’s just cake. It’s just cake, everybody! Everybody calm down!

A bakery in East Earl, Pa., recently crafted a life-size, deer-shaped wedding cake for a couple who married last Saturday.

Cake Decorating Supervisor Pam McNeal at Shady Maple market made the giant confection, which took approximately 10 hours to create, after a bride and groom came in with a pair of plastic antlers and asked the bakers to design a wedding cake “to fit the antlers,” the bakery told Fox News.

Though the head and neck are carved from Styrofoam, the entire back part of the deer is made from cake — enough to feed 250 people.

The bride and groom were not identified and they apparently did not explain why they wanted a deer cake.

The cake of a lifetime definitely seemed to please those on social media, with many commenting on the “fantastic” work.

It’s also definitely near the top of the list when it comes to unique wedding cakes, like this couple’s Waffle House-themed dessert and Costco’s literal cheesecake.

Hopefully it managed to make it through the day without any major falls, unlike this UK couple’s three-tiered macaron cake which slid off the table during the reception.

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