Biologists and Biological Diversity

By | September 22, 2018

The world will not evolve had it not because of Biology. There are a lot of branches in Biology that helps in making the Earth a nice place to live in. These branches have a lot of biologists whom others prefer to call scientists who study life of animals and other life forms both in land and under water. It is however interesting to note how biodiversed the earth is; how people, plants, animals, and insects live together in one ecological system; and how they benefit each other. Biology also studies the life forms outside earth through astrobiology.

Imagine the world if we do not have scientists that will maintain homeostasis in the ecosystem. There would be chaos; a lot of animals would become extinct; the natural environment, wildlife, and vegetation would be lost- extinct forever. There are recent advances when animals and plant species become extinct, it can be brought back to life through synthetic biology. It is like resurrecting a dead animal, more like cloning but the only difference is that cloning is more like copying the genes to make a new living organism from that certain genes. These recent advancements are clear example that scientists are working full time in their profession to help make this place a better one to live in. For the children of our children’s children to see animals and plants grow so lively as if it has not been enlisted as an endangered species.

There are a number of plants and animals that are critically endangered, biologists have been researching ways to somehow prevent mass extinction of different species, and be able to increase their numbers for the future generation to see. A number of them can be seen in different places in Asia where wildlife is very diversed. Marine Biologists study green sea turtles and whales, on how they behave and live life because they are on the verge of extinction and these scientists want to increase their numbers. With a lot of deforestation going on and rapid urbanization of Asia because of the spur growth of the local economies, birds and other plant species that are endemic to that particular place would become lesser in number.

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Although there are a number of wildlife funds that contributes to the wellness of the ecological system of the planet particularly in Asia, there are still a number of people that were caught bringing out smuggled animals, plants, and other coral species in a certain country for food consumption, home décor, and even for medicinal purposes. There is a higher incidence of these poaching in South East Asia that scientists have said to be the most biodiversed place in the world. South East Asia is slowly becoming an urbanized place, where there is massive deforestation and poaching happening.

Measures are acted upon by different scientists from different fields of Biology inorder to maintain the equilibrium not just in Asia but also the rest of the world. There are enormous awareness programs happening worldwide so that people will recognize how this affects everyone’s lives, that the food chain would be gone if plants and animals will not be protected. Biologists are clearly making an effort to still diversify the planet and for without them, this place will become extinct as well. People will not be able to appreciate the stars at night, the birds that fly, and the flowers that grows in your garden in different colors.

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