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By | March 4, 2019

Education has always been and continues to be one of the most important needs of mankind. It helps man indoctrinate values and apply the technical know-how in real life situations. Of late, there has been an increasing trend towards privatization of higher education in India. The Government of India cannot absolve itself from the responsibility of providing higher education to its citizens. The Government is thus obliged to not only strive towards providing access to higher education to all its citizens but must also try and improve the quality of Education Directory in India. In order to cater to these needs, a large investment is required. But in India lack of adequate funds continues to be a major hurdle.

Much has been said and written about education – an antonym for illiteracy; sadly a misnomer in a developing country like ours where it has failed to sprout the seeds of academic productivity. Productivity – that signi­fies a combination of efficiency and effectiveness of a system to efficiently and effectively utilize the natural resources – a commitment that has not been met more than six decades after we have sought our independence. Half of the illiterates of the world are present in India. The results are there for us to see.  

India, as per the international nomenclature, is a developing country. This is only a polite way of saying that we have yet to develop. And harshly, it can also be said that we are under developed. Our richness lies in our manpower resources. But in terms of economic and demographic standards we are mediocre; in fact poor.

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Let me state that till now we have adopted a strategy of deve1opmemt which, more through an act of omission than of commission, gave a low pri­ority to education. However, the new millennium needs a high degree of dexterity and sophistication, strict discipline, high level of commitment and an equally high level of motivation to achieve the desired objectives.

Apart from neglecting education, we have also neglected the menace of our boom­ing population. This has led to an extraordinary growth of the middle class in India during the last four decades. There is a close linkage between  higher Education Directory and the needs and aspirations of the middle class. For them, education is the most powerful tool of upward mobility.

Advantages of Education Directory in India:

  • India’s higher education policy of the 1950s , which envisaged schools of excellence, especially in technology and sciences, has finally paid off rich dividends. The creation of IITs, IIMs, Schools of Science, Schools of Law, a large number of advanced training and research institutions have now been well and  widely accepted.
  • India, is therefore, not just at the lower end of the software and research business, but is now in a leading position of the scientific and financial research revolution. This is also confirmed by the massive market value of IT firms on US stock markets which indicate that the investment community endorses this view.According to current thinking an estimated $ 356 billion worth of global financial services will relocate to India in the next 5 years, producing a cost saving of $ 130 billion for top 100 financial service firms.
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