Are At-Home Whitening Products, Kits, and Charcoal Toothpaste Safe?

By | March 27, 2020

Whitening kits from the internet don’t actually contain any peroxide which is the main product for whitening teeth. Rather, they contain sodium bicarbonate which works to remove extrinsic stains only. So the kits won’t actually whiten your teeth it will just remove some stains and give you a short-term result. Sodium Bicarbonate can be abrasive to the teeth if used too often. That fancy blue or white light is purely for gimmick purposes only.

We interviewed Tabitha Acret, Clinical Educator and Dental Hygienist at AIRFLOW Dental Spa, who has given us a couple of healthy habits you can introduce today to maintain those pearly whites and your overall health. Tabitha has a passion for community dentistry, preventative care, and implant maintenance.

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Are At-Home Whitening Products Safe?

For a fresh and white smile, you need happy and healthy gums! Regular at-home brushing and appointments with your dentist/hygienist to have a professional clean at least twice a year is a key. The best way to actually alter the color of your teeth is to use a professional whitening solution. Only a dental professional can use whitening products with high enough levels of peroxide to whiten teeth that give better and long-term results. These products need to be used in a controlled environment. Either in the dental chair or with custom made trays that fit your mouth.

This ensures there is no running of the bleach onto your gums or tongue. By buying products online you are buying bleach that isn’t strong enough to work. Or you purchase stronger whitening products from illegal sellers and use non-custom trays. Then you risk that the chemicals burn your gums, tongue, and cheeks. If swallowed, you can cause life-threatening burns to your throat.

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Don’t Let Hollywood Trick You

Home whitening, when provided by a dental professional, is safe and can be effective.  Forget the mess, the nails scraping like noise on the blackboard and painful sharp prodding instruments from traditional cleans, it’s time to give your teeth the best and most comfortable clean they’ve ever had.  When you see bright white Hollywood smiles they are very rarely from whitening and are usually the product of a Hollywood makeover where teeth have had veneers or crowns to cover the teeth. The best way to have a great smile is to have a healthy smile, having regular cleans will ensure pink and healthy gums and healthy teeth.

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