Alice in Wonderland Book Review

By | August 31, 2018

Alice in Wonderland is a classic that was originally written by Lewis Carol in 1982. Many people have written different versions of the books after that. The book has also been made into a movie in the recent years. However, the adaptations and the movie do not come anywhere close to the original book.

A Brief Summary:
The main character of Alice in Wonderland is a little girl Alice. The story revolves around Alice and her different adventures. Alice’s adventures begin when she falls in a rabbit’s burrow. She ends up in a fantasy world below the ground. She encounters a white rabbit in this fantasy world. She follows the rabbit deeper into the burrow. In there, she finds a small bottle with a liquid in it. The words “drink me” are written on the bottle. She becomes very small when she drinks the liquid and finds herself in a pool of tears when she is small. Later she finds another bottle and drinks the liquid from it. She grows in size and becomes abnormally big this time. Alice finds herself growing and shrinking in size every time depending on what she eats or drinks in the fantasy land. The story continues with many more such adventures that Alice encounters in the rabbit’s burrow.

What makesAlice in Wonderland a popular read is Carol’s distinct style of writing. The style of writing that Carol has used is very visual. It takes children into an imaginary world of their own. The writing style enables the children to picture themselves as being in the fantasy land as they read the story. Each chapter is about a new adventure in Alice’s life and each adventure helps the children to build a world of their own. The way the story unfolds feels like the book is a collection of short stories where the characters meet only in the end.

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The protagonist, Alice, is the best part of the book. She is curious, fearless and observant. The author has also brilliantly done the other characterization in the book. Each and every character that Alice meets in the fantasy land is unique and different. The children will love to read about them and connect to them in some way or the other.

This book is definitely recommended for both young and older children. Buy this book and take your children on a journey to fantasy land.

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