A Prosperous Career Through Character Education Posted By : Francis David

By | February 24, 2019

In today’s education, the significance is slowly but gradually shifting from ethical values and character building. Even though the important aspect should have been Character education and personality development, the utmost importance is now been given to careers and jobs. People are more concerned or worried about immediate results rather than achieving long-term gains. Bearing this in mind, I would like to share some of my views on the utmost necessity of raising awareness on character and value education. As mentioned above, traditional education used to place a lot of significance on the character education. The traits and values of character education were then well imbibed into the mind and spirit of each and every student and even the teachers made all their efforts to stand as examples in respect of character and its values.

That’s not the scenario now. As far as Character education is concerned, that element of interest is missing. One should always keep in mind that without character, no one can contribute anything for the betterment of quality of life on earth. Openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, Agreeableness, Neuroticism and trustworthiness are some of the important facets of character. People who possess good character always checks whether they are unduly taking advantage of others. In this present world, one can build a good reputation or gain respect only by being fair to others.

Every parent has always or if not, they should stand as immediate examples or role models for their children to mould their character in the most agreeable manner in the society. We take or inherit values and culture from our parents, who always play a crucial role in our lives. After parents the school or college life comes with all its myriad influences. Foremost among them is the way in which our teachers make an impact on our formative minds. A good and a perfect teacher will always tries to instill confidence in their students and prompt them to do good things in their day to day lives. Ultimately, it is not just education alone that matters the most. But it is the overall personality that matters.

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To conclude, let me reiterate that if anyone who has extremely good values and an equally strong personality, it will help himself or herself in finding good opportunities in their career. And we will all agree that persons with good character and conduct are much sought after in any industry and academia. With hard work, persistent efforts and good values achieved through character education, there is nothing one cannot achieve.

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