2020 Will No Longer be About Your Size

By | November 16, 2019

Over the years due to innumerable factors, a large population has built a terrible relationship with food and fitness. There is a serious need to create lasting, healthy habits in 2020, not your size.

In order to create those habits, one need’s to first find the “why” behind the change. To Love one’s body into better wellness. To eat and love to eat. To work out and love to workout.

Don’t waste brain space on diets, fads, being skinny, or taking up less space. Take up the room and fill it with Joy and Energy. Because we all have a lot to say and a lot to share. And none of that has to do with whether our thighs touch.

Weight loss in the past has come from a space of lack, scarcity, and self-loathing. That is why it hasn’t worked. Women are waking up to this fact. Diets and fads have left us diet-obsessed, and not in a space of self-improvement.

With more and more wellness professionals encouraging healthy habits and mindfulness as a practice, women are finding success by loving themselves and setting themselves free from the previous story of not being enough.

Women are also coming together looking for a sense of community, rather than cliques based on surface and status. More women’s fitness clubs and women’s clubs are focused on what women contribute and how, rather than what they need or lack.

Track Your Health

Stop comparing yourself to others. Change your relationship with your body—change the way you see yourself—and your relationship with food and fitness will follow. Spend a few days off Instagram and instead moving your body, nourishing it with healthy food and telling yourself everything that’s amazing about you in the mirror every morning.

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Depriving Yourself Doesn’t Work

By depriving yourself of so labelled “bad foods,” can’t get you the body you desire in the long run. Enjoy amazing foods in moderation and allow yourself wiggle room for fun and occasional splurges in 2020. Eat to fuel the body, and don’t say no to some dark chocolate or the occasional slice of pizza because it’s OK to enjoy in moderation.

Start Moving

From an instance “I decided to get into a rhythm by starting small. Every day on my lunch break, I would cue up a podcast and take an hourlong walk. Eventually, these walks turned into the occasional run or a workout class at the gym. I made working out my midday reward, my mental break from work and my computer screen. I noticed that I would come back to work refreshed, re-energized and ready to tackle the rest of the day. And I never skipped a workout—because who would rather sit at their desk when they could listen to some awesome music and get a good sweat going?”

Don’t Beat Yourself Up

If you have a doughnut for breakfast, don’t say “to hell with it” and eat like crap the rest of the day. Instead, look at every day, every meal as an opportunity to start fresh. It’s OK if you had some candy after lunch or that pizza for dinner because those meals don’t define you—they won’t make or break you. Choose to move your body in a way that makes it better, faster and stronger, irrespective of your size.

Love your body and take care of it. Nourish your body with delicious, healthy food in 2020.

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