16 Scary Driving Scenarios and Exactly How to Handle Them

By | February 25, 2020

If your car is running on empty

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Even though you should never drive with less than a quarter tank of gas in the car, sometimes there isn’t time to fill up on gas and then the gas light comes on indicating you’re almost out of gas. If this happens, the experts at the Ford Driving Skills for Life Team (Ford DSFL) tells Reader’s Digest that you should “keep your gas tank close to full whenever possible, and, on longer trips, always plan enough time to stop to stretch, get something to eat, return calls or text messages, and change drivers or rest if you feel drowsy.” However, if the worst-case scenario has already happened and you’re already on the road on empty, they recommend pulling over to the side of the road in a safe area. “Try to avoid running out of fuel in the middle of the road, and in the event that you do, stay in your car while getting help. You should also make sure to turn your hazard lights on, put your car in park and use your e-brake.” When you do park, make sure you follow these 9 smart tips for fighting a parking ticket.

When the tire blows out

flat tire blown out tire deepblue4you/Getty Images

Having a tire blow out is one of the ultimate scary driving situations. Never fear, though, as the experts at the Ford Driving Skills for Life Team have a workable solution. “If it happens to you, try not to panic. Next, gradually reduce your speed by coming off the gas and even braking lightly.  You can then find a safe spot to steer the car off the road.” It matters whether the front tire or the back tire goes out. “If a front tire blows out, it will make steering difficult and may even pull you in a direction you don’t want to go. Keep a firm grip on the wheel and steer in the direction you need to, but avoid jerking the wheel abruptly.” Make sure you know this one-second tire test that could save your life.

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