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Nervous system actively stops Salmonella from infecting body

Bacteria get on our nerves Under normal conditions, Peyer’s patches — clusters of lymphatic and immune tissue found exclusively on the wall of the small intestine—scan the environment, sample substances and determine what can go into the intestine. To perform this function, Peyer’s patches are studded with microfold cells, or M cells, which are cellular… Read More »

Beta Bionics iLet Bionic Pancreas System Gets FDA Breakthrough Designation

Beta Bionics, a firm based in Boston, MA, won Breakthrough Device designation from the FDA for its iLet Bionic Pancreas System, a wearable designed to automatically control blood-sugar levels. Unlike traditional insulin pumps, the iLet doesn’t need any input from the patient about their dietary intake, insulin delivery rates, nor are bolus doses needed to… Read More »

VA starts training program for new Cerner EHR system

The Department of Veterans Affairs wants to ensure that VA personnel are properly trained to support the agency’s 10-year Electronic Health Record Modernization initiative. Under the newly launched VA Innovative Technology Advancement Lab (VITAL) training program, the agency has selected 76 initial trainees for advanced training; they will support continuous performance improvement and seek to… Read More »