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Al Interviews David Soto Jr. | Author, Podcaster & Retired US Air Force Master Sergeant [Podcast]

— In this episode, Al interviews author, podcaster, and retired US Air Force Master Sergeant, David Soto Jr. (recorded 2-21-19). After retiring from the US Air Force, David spent close to three years traveling and living in a van. The excitement quickly unraveled and, having a great deal of time alone, David did a significant… Read More »

Master Algebra and Geometry with the Following Strategies!

Strategies for success in Algebra Algebra demands the fundamental knowledge of basic numeric skills like addition and multiplication. When you go the higher level, you might feel the Algebra rules as Greek and Latin due to their overwhelming legality. Learn tricks to overcome your inhibitions and master the subject. · Make your fundamental numerical knowledge… Read More »

Sherlock Holmes: The Master of Riddles

In 1887 the most famous fictional detective to have ever existed was conceived. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle began writing his series centered around Sherlock Holmes this year. The series would continue until 1927. During Doyle’s life his series became very popular and has become even more popular after he died. The character of Sherlock Holmes… Read More »