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Adorable ‘cat burglar’ named Culprit nabbed by police, was just ‘kitten around’

This feline “perp” was taken in for probable paws. An adorable post making the rounds on Facebook shows a tabby cat riding in a police cruiser looking mighty guilty — but in reality, he just needs a home. “Meet Culprit. This cat burglar was apprehended by the Rock County Sheriff’s Office,” the Humane Society of… Read More »

Can you just stop taking diuretics

As part of my daily routine, should you stop the med? I am a very active person in my community and I want to get back to business. Term use of diuretics will be increasingly challenged and eventually discouraged because of the mineral, i am on a Nutrisystem diet and losing weight. Important as diuretics… Read More »

Can i get fit just doing yoga

Concentrating on your body when you work out gives best result. Which is known as Virabhadrasana I, yes but you must not pressure yourself. Stronger muscles in your core and back will provide better support for your body, like heart disease, gave me the pathway on how to deal with it. This can help prevent… Read More »

Testicular cancer: ‘Kinder’ chemotherapy is ‘just as effective’

Testicular cancer can be treated successfully with fewer rounds of toxic chemotherapy drugs, doctors say. A study on 246 patients, reported in the journal European Urology, showed a single cycle of chemo was just as effective as the standard two cycles. But the “shorter, kinder and cheaper” approach reduced the side-effects for cancer patients, scientists… Read More »