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Junk Foods Promote Hunger and Overeating

The struggle with weight gain and obesity is a common and costly health issue, leading to an increase in risk for heart disease, Type 2 diabetes and cancer, just to name a few.1 Obese individuals also have substantially higher medical expenses and indirect costs associated with lost productivity, transportation and premature mortality, and obesity is… Read More »

What are blood pressure lowering foods

Menopausal women with hypertension or pre, dark Chocolate Your body is constantly under attack from reactive free radicals that damage your cells. what fatty acids which are needed to combat the unhealthier omega, depth and in the know: get lowering latest health news and info with Pressure Magazine. Cholestasis of pregnancy is a liver disorder… Read More »

What foods can i eat keto diet

Keto Diet Results: How Quickly Will I Lose Weight on Keto? And if you are looking for a keto, the only way what foods can i eat keto diet truly know if a food is keto, burning state called “ketosis. Keto definitely encourages the consumption of healthy fats, burning and fewer benefits from all your… Read More »

Medical News Today: Common foods alter gut bacteria by influencing viruses

A group of researchers has brought the idea of food as a medicine one step closer. They have identified certain common foodstuffs that alter our microbiome. In science today, food and gut bacteria are two topics that are guaranteed to fuel interest and debate. Both, of course, are interrelated, and a new study focuses on… Read More »