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How to format your eBooks

Perfect and awesome formatting of eBooks is critical for easy reading, downloading and popularity of your eBooks. A well formatted and well-designed eBook attracts more attention of people, whereas a poorly formatted eBooks is more likely to be ignored by most of us. Moreover, you need to consider formatting options for making your eBooks readable… Read More »

Creating and selling batches of eBooks

EBooks writing and selling can be a good business for writers. Freelance waters offering their services to their clients can also think about writing and selling eBooks. Of course introducing one or two eBooks in the market and waiting for the sales profit will not be a good enough business strategy. If you want to… Read More »

EBooks cover designing tips

The covers of eBooks are very important for making your eBooks popular more quickly. Now you can see that people are using different software and designing techniques for making their e-book’s cover more stunning than any other eBooks on the topic. And the strategy really works in selling those eBooks more than other too. Here… Read More »