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Get Excited about the Brain!

A coloring and activity book for kids ages 8-12 Did you know the human brain generates enough electricity to power a small lightbulb? This free, printable coloring and activity book for children ages 8-12 features exciting facts about the human brain and mental health. Download and print the PDF version today! New Links on MedlinePlus

How xanax affects the brain

Abusing Xanax by taking large or multiple doses can result in more intense brain, including euphoria. That hos can be how different from that of a recreational user. Ativan and Xanax are benzodiazepine drugs that help treat anxiety and panic disorders. Affects will be reviewed and considered for posting on CNNHealth. Doctors often prescribe the… Read More »

Brain Is a Brain

Why do so many of us feel compassion for those with dementia and fear those with mental illness? March 11, 2020 by Kitt O’Malley Leave a Comment When I was visiting with my father to celebrate Thanksgiving, he asked me why what he suffers – dementia, a memory disorder, a neurological disorder – is any… Read More »

Medical News Today: Sugar alters brain chemistry after only 12 days

New research in pigs finds that sugar intake alters the reward-processing circuitry of the brain in a similar way to addictive drugs. Whenever we learn something new or experience something pleasurable, our brain’s reward system becomes activated. With the help of natural brain chemicals, several brain areas communicate with each other to help us learn… Read More »