Reasons You Should Take A TEFL Course

Choosing to take extra courses when you are no longer enrolled in any type of school or degree program is something that many adults choose to do simply to better themselves. While some people may view this kind of learning as a bit superfluous, other people can put their new knowledge to good use. If… Read More »

Home Tutoring Posted By : Roman Chertes

There are many ways for learners to acquire the additional help with their studies. Schools may offer extra classes and tutoring. Parents may do their utmost to monitor their children’s progress and provide homework help. Websites, online learning communities and online tutoring are all options to help students get on top of their studies. Home… Read More »

Teaching Tiny Tots: The Importance of Preschool on a Tender Brain

Nov 10, 2018 by Dale Harris Attendance for early childhood education or preschool has fluctuated between 40-50% over the last couple of decades. This low attendance rate is surprising. Especially given that the general consensus is that preschool education is very important. One study of close to a million children in North Carolina, showed that preschool helped students maintain high… Read More »