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Why Don’t Students Like School?: A Cognitive Scientist Answers Questions About How the Mind Works and What It Means for the Classroom

Easy-to-apply, scientifically-based approaches for engaging students in the classroom Cognitive scientist Dan Willingham focuses his acclaimed research on the biological and cognitive basis of learning. His book will help teachers improve their practice by explaining how they and their students think and learn. It reveals-the importance of story, emotion, memory, context, and routine in building… Read More »

Teachers Change the World One Student At a Time, Teacher Decal, Classroom Decal, Teaching Learning Education School Classroom Decor Wall Sticker 13″ H X 22″ W Black or White

This is a vinyl wall decal cut in the finest vinyl available. It will stick to any hard, smooth, clean surface and add personality to any room in your home. Decals offer a way for us to express our values and beliefs to our family members and visitors. They are very durable guaranteed to last… Read More »

Toss ‘n Talk-About Movement Ball

Illustrated with over 80 Imaginative range-of-motion, stretching and simple movement activities, such as inch sway like a tree in the wind,” inch dance hilariously” and inch REACH up and pick 5 apples from a tree.” players simply toss, catch, read and react! includes activity idea sheet. 24″. One of our hugely popular conversation balls Over… Read More »