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Can Bed Bugs Fly?

The pests can turn up anywhere—homes, dorms, hospitals, hotels—but can bed bugs fly? Here’s how they get around. jareynolds/Shutterstock Can bed bugs fly? Can bed bugs fly? Nope. At least not today’s bed bugs. Eons ago their ancestors could fly, but over time bed bugs evolved and they no longer need wings. Why fly (and… Read More »

Qld surgeon seeks reply to accusations

A suspended Brisbane surgeon wants the right to respond to sexual and professional misconduct allegations levelled against him in state parliament. Health officials are delving into the conduct of Dr William Braun after Opposition MP Ros Bates tabled letters in which medical practitioners made a range of complaints about him. Dr Braun has now written… Read More »

This Five-Minute Breathing Exercise Can Boost Brain and Heart Health

The way you breathe has a significant impact on your health, and various breathing exercises have been shown to improve your health and well-being in a number of ways. Most recently, researchers have found inspiratory muscle strength training — a technique that strengthens your respiratory musculature — can improve cardiovascular health, as well as cognitive… Read More »